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Sly Fox Ski & Snowboard Club President

Bruce Blurbs,

Fellow Skiers
We have one trip on the books. Earlier this month we had a full bus up in the U.P. for Big Sow I. Randy, the trip leader ran a great trip. They shared the hill/lodge with another ski club from Minnesota. The hill, lodge , food and entertainment was awesome. Thanks again to Randy for running this trip.

Our next trip is Big Snow II, February 9-11, Indianhead / Blackjack and Powderhorn. Mardi Gras weekend!! Nancy Smith our trip leader has some plans starting with a Mardi Gras mask or costume contest on the bus. Sly Fox Club has now included lunch on Sunday at Powderhorn. The Powderhorn management is giving us the Wine hut for our lunch. There will be something for everyone. We had a great time last year and this year will be better yet

Club leadership for the 2018-2019 Season. It is the officers and volunteers that make the club’s activities happen. We are always looking for volunteers to contribute their time, ideas, skills and efforts to keep the party going. February 21 will begin the process by taking nominations for next season’s officers. That includes all offices: President,Vice president, treasurer and Secretary. So step up and help keep the club keep on skiing. It is a very rewarding and fun job! February 21 is also our pre-trip meeting for Keystone, Colorado trip.

Our next meeting, February 7th, at The Bar, will be our pre-trip meeting for Big Snow II

See you on the slopes,


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