Sly Fox: Big Snow II Indianhead, Blackjack & Powderhorn Mtns February 9th-11th

Sly Fox: Big Snow II Indianhead, Blackjack & Powderhorn Mtns February 9th-11th

Trip Lead Name: Nancy S.

Text/Email: 920-960-0534

Purpose of this Posting:  This posting contains any changes or plans during the trip.  It allows for me to communicate directly to you during the trip from the week before the ski trip starts to the time we return back from our trip.  If you cannot call or text me please review this site to get any status updates to the trip.

Notes:   Nancy Volunteered as the trip lead for a wonderful time with the trip’s ski members.


Friday        9-Feb      5:00 PM     Bus available for loading The Woods Golf, 530 Erie Rd, Green Bay
                                                      Park at back of parking lot. BUS WILL LEAVE ONCE LOADED.
                                    5:45 PM     Bus loads at The Bar on Lynndale, 2435 W. Nordale, Appleton
                                   11:00 PM    Arrive.  Nancy will get your room envelopes containing keys, lift pass                                                                 & meal tickets.  Please take everything off the bus. 

Saturday  10-Feb      7-9 AM      Breakfast in the Main Lodge Restaurant (located just off lobby)Bring                                                                   your meal ticket           
                                   9:00 AM     Lifts open. There is a free shuttle bus between Indianhead/Blackjack
                                   4:30 PM     Lifts close. See entertainment schedule at the bottom of the sheet.
                                   7:00 PM     Dinner is served at the Main Lodge. Chicken & Baked Haddock.
                                                       Post dinner, see entertainment schedule at the bottom of sheet. 

Sunday    11-Feb. 7-8:15 PM    Breakfast at the Main Lodge. Bring your meal ticket.
                                        8:15     Have your bags packed & ready to start loading the bus.
                                        8:15     Checkout prior to boarding the bus. Leave you key at the front desk.
                                  8:15 AM     Load bus.
.                                       8:45     Leave for Big Powderhorn
                                        9:00     Lifts open at Big Powderhorn
                                  1:00 PM     Lunch on the hill at the Big Bird Wine hut.
                                                   *Big Bird Wine Hut is located at the top of the Big Bird Lift.
                                  4:00 PM    Lifts closed.  Load bus.
                                  4:30 PM    Bus departs.
                                                    Depart for Appleton, drop off between 9-9:30 PM/
                                                    Bus arrives in Green Bay for drop off between 10-10:30 PM                                                                                      Approx. drop off times.
                                                   (30 min. food stop in Minocqua on the way home.)

Arriving home, when disembarking the bus, make sure all luggage is removed from the parking lot & all items are off the bus.  Double check before leaving in your vehicle.

Entertainment Schedule
Friday             9-Feb.    Phil Luna                   8:30 PM   Dudleys Saloon, Main Lodge Indianhead
Saturday       10-Feb.    Corey Carlson           3:30 PM   Sky Bar, Indianhead Lodge
Saturday       10-Feb.    Phil Luna                         4 PM   Loggers Lounge, Blackjack Chalet-MARDI GRAS
Saturday       10-Feb.    The Allen Brothers    8:30 PM   Dudleys Saloon, Main Lodge Indianhead
Pool & recreation Club Schedule            Friday    8 AM-10 AM     Saturday    8 AM-10 PM