SKI THE WORLD with the SLY FOX SKI & SNOWBOARD CLUB, Appleton Wisconsin, Welcome!
Founded in 1967
We offer sports-oriented adults, ages 21 and over, the opportunity to participate in recreational activities in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere year round. Our ski trips incorporate the Midwest, Western and International Ski slopes and cities. Enjoy group discount trips, rental equipment and more. Our excursions are well organized by our accomplished trip leaders.

Club members include single and married couples, and are from all walks of life. Whether it is your first trip or one of many, the Sly Fox Ski & Snowboard Club welcomes all levels of skiers and snowboarders  Ski the World with Sly Fox Ski & Snowboard Club, join today and take advantage of our great ski trips and fun social events!

Through the entire calendar year, there is a casual, non-club sponsored gathering for those who enjoy Socializing & Happy Hours. We start gathering approx. 5:30 pm or whenever you can arrive. Locations change weekly. All Members & Non Members are welcome. Please see the Calendar of Events.

Sly Fox Clubs 2019-20 Officers were inducted at our Spring Banquet and they are: President Bruce Kettner, Vice President Jacob Belke, Secretary Micca Belke, Treasurer Julie Buechner & Advisor/Past President Sam Fontaine.

Oct. 2, 2019 is Sly Fox First membership meeting at The Bar on Lynndale & opening of 2020 Ski Trips for sign up.  Can’t make the meeting, you can sign up via mail postmarked NO earlier than Oct. 2 (earlier, sorry you go to the  end of the line).

Our Membership meeting are held upstairs of The Bar on Lynndale, 2435 W. Nordale Dr., Appleton. 7pm social, 7:30pm. See Calendar of events for specific dates.  It will be a great time.

Watch Calendar of Events for further additions. Guest speakers are scheduled during our Membership meetings.

Please remember that you must be a member of Sly Fox Ski & Snowboard Club or Gelandesprung Ski Club to sign up for trips. Not a member? Then Sign up Today or at the meeting, membership accepted from May 1st & anytime throughout the year.

See the Calendar of Events for more information.

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