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Sly Fox Ski & Snowboard Club President

Bruce filling in for Nile

    Sly Fox Ski Club board for the 2021-22 season is:
• President ——- Nile Beck
• Vice-President –—— Kelly Kloehn
• Secretary –—— (position still open)
• Treasurer –—— Julie Buechner
• Advisor ——–Bruce Kettner

     We are still in need of a volunteer for Secretary. Contact Julie at if interested. Be involved in the planning and decision-making for this years trips.

     I would like to thank the previous board consisting of Nile, Lisa, Julie and Nancy for pushing thru this difficult year. Planning the meetings and trips while constantly changing and adapting to protocol recommendations. Thanks to Sam and Deb for keeping in day-to-day contact with our tour guide and ski hills, allowing us to salvage what we could for our trips. Thanks to Sandy putting our newsletters together. Thank you to the members. Thanks for your membership, your participation in voting and helping with logistics while on trips.

     I look forward to a new year and possibly getting back to somewhat normalcy. Make sure you keep your membership current as we start this new year. We have Telluride and other great trips to look forward to. Last month, an adventurous group enjoyed spring skiing at Big Sky. See details in this newsletter. The reason this month’s newsletter is delayed is due to many of us being in Big Sky.

     Well it looks like summer is here. Get outside and enjoy. If you have an idea for a group activity this summer, contact a board member and lets see if we can make it happen.

See you soon

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